Making the topic exciting

After researching tremendous life stories of Geniuses, I found, that one of the key momentums of bringing up a genius child is, how you can make a topic exciting to your child.

The next story highlights some illuminating examples how Richard Feynman became a Genius.

His father worked every week far away and was not at home during weeks. However, at weekends when he came home, he took Richard to the woods and told about interesting things that are going on there.

All the other mothers were a little bit jealous, and knew of course that that was wonderful and the other fathers should take their sons for walks, but they didn’t get anywhere at first. I must admit, I also can understand the other fathers…when you worked hard the whole week to make a good living for your family, did not have a chance to relax, but you have to be on top also on weekends.

At the end the mothers wanted Richard’s father to take all the kids in the woods, but he didn't want to because he had a special relationship to his son. And do you know what happened when all the warrior mothers lost also this second battle? It ended up that the other fathers took their children on walks on the next weekend...

And the next week, when the fathers were back to work, the kids were playing and one kid said to Richard: See that bird, what kind of a bird is that? And Richard had no idea. He said it is a Brown-headed thrush. Your father doesn't tell you anything...

But as Richard remembers, it was the opposite. His father not only told him the name of the bird in different languages, but encouraged him to look at the bird and what it is doing. If you only know the name of a bird for example you will absolutely know nothing about the bird itself. So his father convinced him to notice things.

And later one day when he was playing with an express wagon and he had a ball on it. As he pulled the wagon and noticed something about the way the ball moved. He urgently went to his father and said that he noticed something interesting and tried to understand why this happens.

Now his father had a chance to speak about the general principle of moving objects, and the tendency called inertia and explained it for Richard as deeply as it is possible for a small boy. 

That's a deep understanding. He doesn't give him again a name. He knew the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. So that's the way one of the biggest physicians was educated…

Now I wou like to invite you to our Bring Up Genius Challenge. In the download section (only for course subscribers) you can find also a workbook, feel free to use it.

So the challenge:
Think about it for a moment and picture yourself in this story!

  • Who are you similar to?
  • If in this story you did not get the role of Richards father, what can you change to make it happen?
  • What is a topic that you could tell about? Dinosaurs? Flowers? Airplanes? Old stories from the history?
  • What if, you are the warrior mother in this story?
  • What could you explain, show to your child, and explain it so simple, that your child can understand it!

So now I would like to encourage you to have a conversation with your wife or husband beside a glass of wine or wherever you have a chance to have a calm conversation, discuss this topic with him or her, to be on the same side!


Előd Szabó
Előd Szabó