How to choose your first Coach?

When I started researching the topic of Geniuses, my first idea was, that these people were trained by the best teachers from the beginning. And most parent think that it is a huge investment from the beginning to pay these coaches.

There was a fantastic book back in 1985, Developing talent in young people by Dr. Benjamin Bloom, Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago. He researched also this topic, and came to a different conclusion.

Based on 120 interviews, he identified three stages of developing a genius. For children, this first stage is romance stage, where they begin to get involved as described in the previous two lessons with some wonderful examples.

The talented young people in the interviews described their first teacher as somebody being good with children and someone they were comfortable with. These teachers were supportive, warm, loving.

In this phase external motivation is also a key influencer, they gave for their students’ positive support and rewards like stars and put smiling faces on papers. They were for them as second parent.

So it is not a problem, if the first teacher what you can afford, is not a Number 1 leader on the chosen field. Maybe once they were also talented, but did not reached their full potential. Their skill is they make the field of study enjoyable for the children.

Now we arrived to our next challenge. If you plan to start to Bring Up Genius,

  • look around in the neighborhood who could be the first teacher for your child.
  • Let’s speak with her!
  • Look at one of her classes, if it is possible!
  • You are not necessarily able to get to know the depth of her knowledge at this point, but you can decide if she is teaching with love. Unnecessary rigor would only cause that the child become sour.

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Előd Szabó