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The next lesson is about a man called Gus. He married and got seven daughters. He was a happy man, he always could lough. He used this humor to keep everything alive in hard times of his family. Nobody knew really where he came from. One is sure, he was a musician. He always wanted to forget the First world war, when he was a sniper. In the 1950s he worked in a factory in the day and played music in the night. Gus was happy to have grandson, who was a boy. They walked a lot and never bored together. Everywhere they went, there was music.

By the way, the boy’s mom had also an incredible taste for music. If there was anything worth listening to in the radio, she would find it. Louis Armstrong, Billy Eckstine, Mozart and whatever they played on radio.

But back to Gus! The man was leading his grandson slowly into getting interested in playing music, rather than shoving something and saying, "It goes like this."

When the boy went to his grandpa, there was always an instrument, a guitar. The guitar was totally out of reach. It was something the small child looked at, but never touched it.

The guitar was always on top of a piano every time he would go and visit, starting maybe from the age of five. The Grandpa only brought that out and put it up there when he knew his grandson was coming to visit. So the child was being teased in a way.

A few years later he said: "Hey, when you get tall enough, you can have a go at it," he said.

One day It was time and he said, "Here you go." He showed him the first chords and the child was pretty happy and an incredible guitarist was born in that moment: Keith Richards.

 A similar teasing happened to the Polgár sisters. László Polgár played with the biggest girl, Zsuzsa in a room behind closed doors. However there was a small window, where Zsófi and Judit could watch that something interesting is happening, where they are not allowed to play with. “At this time, they already could feel the pain of parental exclusion”. Their entrance card would be only valid if only they could play chess.

So similar to the old Gus, László Polgár was teasing the little childs to want to play.

 So now again, it is your turn! If you have a child, please look at it, what happens when the child is not part of your life and something interesting is happening. What are his / her reactions?

Think about it with your wife / husband, how can you stir up the fire in your child!


Előd Szabó
Előd Szabó