Bring Up Genius | by László Polgár (Hungarian psichologyst)

The authorities came with soldiers armed with machine-guns. The reason was that the Polgár family did not met the legal obligation, going to school after the child reached school age.

Don’t forget, it happened in Hungary in the middle of communism, where the authorities didn’t prefer creative, independent thinkers.

When they fought to teach their first daughter at home, they had to wait for 9 months still the authorities granted home schooling for the family.

The father criticized the traditional school system, because he was not satisfied with the average level, and based on his experiences talents are not tolerated in this system.

When they fought for their second child, they started everything from scratch. But let’s step back for a minute and try to understand the motivation of László Polgár.

The essence of his pedagogy is you can raise a prominent person, a genius from every healthy child. Based on the researches of László Polgár and his wife, every genius was specialized on a field and in every cases there was in a good sense possessed parent, couch, pedagogue beside the child. So geniuses are made, and nor born.

When he met his wife, the woman listened and listened and could not believe that a man can do so much in a day, that László said. Then he presented his views for her that he is planning bring up geniuses.

To get the work started, only one thing was missing...

So Klára became the invisible helper of the experiment. As she described later, his husband was the needle, and she was the thread following the needle. They both had very important role in the upbringing of the children.

Their first daughter was Polgár Zsuzsa.

The second: Polgár Zsófi.

And the third: Polgár Judit.

At the beginning of their relationship the majority of their love letters was about pedagogical theories. I think it was crucial for the further success, that they both supported each other, so they could apply the basic pedagogical methods already at the beginning.

One of the central principles was to make the topic exciting and maintain this enthusiasm in the child. It is critical that the child likes what she is doing.  

He believed in positive inspiration. He tried to create a pedagogical situation, where sense of achievement dominated 10:1 over failure. Failure, anxiety, and shyness will block the performance of the child.

Also an important principle was thriving for success.

To do this you need to give perspective for the child. If she does not see a clear goal, she will not be able to move forward without the help of the parent. And we must admit terrifying enemies were waiting for these little girls.

The World of chess was dominated by Russian grandmasters like Garry Kasparov, Kramnyik. But don’t  rush forward!

Based on his views you have to start the specialization when the child is 4 to 5 years old. This learning process means serious games at the beginning. This age is not too early neither for learning nor for specializing for something. You can start to increase the load progressively. A similar process is described in the boo, how Karl Witte learned languages.

So the substance of intensive training is to combine optimal load, gradation, maintaining the interest of the child, helping the sense of achievement.

And what was the result? That we already know, László Polgár was the real genius, who brought of three geniuses.


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Előd Szabó
Előd Szabó